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Deepika Sandhu

Hi, I am Deepika Sandhu – a Mom, Business Woman and now Author of the upcoming book Hello Universe, It’s Me.

I was born in Surrey, British Columbia but spent most of my life in California. I am Partner at a San Francisco Bay Area-based Consulting Firm where I advise high-growth companies as they inspire the world with innovation. For over 20 years, I have helped transform burgeoning businesses into elegant operations.

While I have worked with many of the most innovative, up-and-coming technology companies, my favorite title is Mom. I have the fortunate pleasure of being Mom to a fun-loving, sassy, brave, and highly courageous seven-year-old.

Life wasn’t always so rosy. On the outside my life looked perfect – nice cars, a nice home, nice clothes, nice purses, fun vacations, and lots of smiles posted on social media. I was winning at the game of life. If I was in a giant football stadium, the big monitors over the field would be flashing in bold caps “YOU ARE KILLING IT.” Problem is, I was not only killing it. It was killing me. None of my checklists, none of my to-do lists, and none of the activities or people that were filling my life were making me happy.

I needed a control+alt+delete on my life. I needed a reboot. I needed to throw all those checklists out the window. I needed an “I Dream of Jeannie” head nod to shake things up and get this all back on track.

So I did the only thing a high-powered, career woman, super mom, and Pinterest enthusiast could do when her life is starting to crumble. I scheduled a breakdown. Hello Universe, It’s Me is my story of how I scheduled a breakdown, raised my vibration, and changed my life. No guru, shaman, or travel to exotic lands required.

"I am so glad I decided to work with Emilia. My business has grown at a record pace, and my schedule is already booked into next month."


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