The 3-Day Burnout Reset

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If you are exhausted by all of the ways burnout is impacting your life then it’s time to dive into the 3-day Burnout Reset so you can transform your relationship with burnout once and for all.

These strategies are practical, tangible and they are the exact steps I took to get rid of burnout for good.

Best of all, the 3-Day Burnout Reset is FREE!

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  • The shift that made the biggest difference to how I feel everyday
  • Tangible, practical action steps to take right now
  • How to replace the burnout with breakthroughs

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Who is Deepika?

Hi, I am Deepika Sandhu – a Mom, Business Woman, Inspirational Speaker, and Author of the Hello Universe, It’s Me.

Have you ever felt like you needed a control+alt+delete on your life? I definitely did. 

Professionally, I advise high-growth, fast-moving companies as they inspire the world with innovation. 

Personally, life wasn’t so rosy. As a high-powered, career woman, super mom, and Pinterest enthusiast, on the outside my life looked perfect – nice cars, nice home, nice clothes, nice purses, fun vacations, and lots of smiles posted on social media. 

I was winning at the game of life. If I was in a giant football stadium, the big monitors over the field would be flashing in bold caps “YOU ARE KILLING IT.” Problem is, I was not only killing it. It was killing me. None of my checklists, none of my to-do lists, and none of the activities or people that were filling my life were making me happy. I was exhausted, depleted, sad, unhealthy, and just dragging myself through my days. 

I needed to throw all those checklists out the window. I needed an “I Dream of Jeannie” head nod to shake things up and get this all back on track.

So I did the only thing I knew how to do as a busy, overachieving, type-a personality –  I scheduled a breakdown, manifested a new life. No guru, shaman, or travel to exotic lands required. 

Now through my speaking events and courses, I help people just like you turn burnout into breakthroughs.  Let me show you how.