From Breakdown to Breakthrough
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A group coaching to turn your burnout into life changing breakthroughs

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What you get:

16 Videos
+ 6 Guided Meditations
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From Breakdown to
Digital Workbook
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Hello Universe, It's Me
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Lifetime access to all materials

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Who is this program for?

You Are...

  • suffering from burnout
  • exhausted from all the go, go, go in your life
  • struggling to find a path that honors who you are and who you always wanted to be
  • living a life that doesn’t feel like you anymore
  • wondering if life can be different
  • feeling a pull towards living a life that feels more aligned, balanced and joyful but are not sure how to do it
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  • Week 1: Introduction & Healing Practices - Demystify and begin to embrace the healing practices and spiritual tools that will lead to your breakthroughs.
  • Week 2: Setting the Stage - Learn the importance of creating your own sacred space, that will be the catalyst to your transformation.
  • Week 3: Taking Stock - Learn techniques to examine where you are today in all aspects of your life so you can understand exactly what will lead to your ultimate fulfillment
  • Week 4: Manifest & Believe -  Learn powerful manifestation techniques to bring into your life all that you desire while learning to release any blocks that might be getting in the way
  • Week 5: Sabatoer - Identify and release your  inner saboteur, self doubts and  limiting beliefs while learning to practice radical self acceptance that will allow you to move into greater alignment with your desires. 
  • Week 6: Allowing - Learn how to leave burnout behind for good and create a life that allows for continued transformations and breakthroughs.
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“Working with Deepika has helped me realize what could bring me true happiness and reduce the noise around me. She has given me hope and clarity”
– Austin, NY

"Manifest You course helped me realize what truly mattered to me, brought me joy, and how to bring more of that into my life intentionally. Deepika's unique blend of life experiences and leadership makes the Manifest You course realistic and relatable. Taking daily actions from a place of full faith and trust to intentionally move towards the life you want and how manifestations happen might not be up to us, but I can now stay in a constant state of possibilities”
– Hari, LA

Deepika’s Manifest YOU program helped me to unlock my truest potential and spiritual power… myself! With guided journaling, reflection inward, a virtual silent retreat, and meditations; Deepika’s spiritual guidance has transcended my spiritual abilities to manifest and create a life of connection, Curiosity, in addition to being more intentional with my time and thoughts to create a life I truly love.
– Lauren, Dallas

How it Works

Manifest YOU is Deepika’s signature methodology to move you from where you are today to where you desire to be in the future.

Each week, you will dive deep into a different part of the signature methodology.

You will receive downloadable content in the form of 5 - 10 minute videos on the week’s topic.  These are easy-to-digest yet impactful videos that you can watch at any time throughout your week.

You will be assigned pages to read in the From Breakdown to Breakthrough workbook, and exercises, including journaling, prompts, to enhance your understanding of the concepts.

And best of all you will have lifetime access to the Manifest YOU Course.

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Meet Deepika

Hi, I am Deepika Sandhu – a Mom, Business Woman, Inspirational Speaker and Author of the Hello Universe, It’s Me

Have you ever felt like you needed a control+alt+delete on your life? I definitely did. 

Professionally, I advise high-growth, fast moving companies as they inspire the world with innovation.

Personally, life wasn’t so rosy. As a high powered, career woman, super mom and Pinterest enthusiast, on the outside my life looked perfect – nice cars, nice home, nice clothes, nice purses, fun vacations and lots of smiles posted on social media.

I was winning at the game of life. If I was in a giant football stadium, the big monitors over the field would be flashing in bold caps “YOU ARE KILLING IT.” Problem is, I was not only killing it. It was killing me. None of my checklists, none of my to-do lists, and none of the activities or people that were filling my life were making me happy. I was exhausted, depleted, sad, unhealthy and just dragging myself through my days.

I needed to throw all those checklists out the window. I needed an “I Dream of Jeannie” head nod to shake things up and get this all back on track.

So I did the only thing I knew how to do as a busy, overachieving, type-a personality -  I scheduled a breakdown, manifested a new life. No guru, shaman or travel to exotic lands required.

Now through my speaking events and courses, I help people just like you turn burnout into breakthroughs.  Let me show you how.

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