Ready to trade in your life’s burnout for a total bliss out? Without quitting your job or tearing apart your life?

Welcome to Manifest YOU — a practical self-guided course for ambitious executives and entrepreneurs like you who want to leave burnout in the rearview mirror as they race towards leading a more fulfilling, rich, and meaningful life.


(....the best part is you can redesign your life 180˚ without leaving your house or spending thousands. It’s 100% around your schedule.)

You’ve probably heard the myth….

Only those with free hours in their day, no kids, or millions in financial freedom can truly live a joyful life. 

People will tell you that living a happy life filled with soul-sparking activities and no exhaustion isn’t possible for those with a 9 to 5. 


But let me ask you this…. Would you like… 

  • a life where every day feels like an adventure, filled with growth and fulfillment?
  • a life where you nurture your desires until they reach their full potential?
  • a space where you had the guidance and support you need to flourish truly? One outside your job, your relationships, and your kids. A safe space purely for you. 
  • And would you like to do all of this without tearing to shreds the life you are already living?

If you’re shaking your head…that’s the first intuitive nudge by the universe that it’s all possible. 

Years ago, I started seeking my authentic truth beyond Prada bags, an HGTV home, a handsome husband, and that fancy job. 

I leaped to redefine what my happy life looked like to me. 

After doing the work, reading all the self-help books, watching all the webinars I could find, and following every spiritual guru out there, I realized nothing they were teaching worked for me. It wasn’t lighting me up, giving that soul spark, or providing practical steps for a high achiever like me.

What lit me up was creating pockets of joy where Deepika could flourish without these external labels.

Can you relate?

Today, I’m a Life Expansion Mentor to hundreds,

The winner of multiple awards for my debut book "Hello Universe It's Me,"

International Speaker…

Host of My Very Own TV Show: Breakthrough To You, KIW World TV….

And I did it all while maintaining my corporate job as a Silicon Valley Executive and being a mom.

I’m not saying you have to do the same but if you truly want to discover what a joyful life looks like for you and take the action steps to get there — I did the work so you wouldn’t have to.

Manifest YOU is the breakthrough course that allows you to redesign the trajectory of your life and infuse more joy into your life YOUR WAY. I’ve created a process that helps you to discover step-by-step what a joyful, authentic life looks like for YOU.

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Side effects of grabbing Manifest You, the Self-Guided course for high achievers, may include:

  • ❌ Your life becomes a blaze of purpose, and every new day you can face challenges head-on with boundless enthusiasm.
  • ❌ You radiate your inner light so brightly that everyone around you can't help but notice because of how happy you seem.
  • ❌ You wake up each morning eager to conquer the world, fully aware that you're living a life that harmonizes perfectly with your true self.
  • ❌ There’s no more counting down to Friday, counting down to 5 P.M., or pressing the snooze button every morning.

If this excites you, it’s only a glimpse of what’s to come!

You might wonder,

"Do I have the time for this?"


Let's clear the air.

Time isn't your enemy – trust me, I’m a Silicon Valley Executive, mom to a spunky 10-year-old, and add dog mom in the mix on top of running a global coaching business – yet I was able to do the work.

The only fundamental misconception is that genuine joy in your life is a luxury.

I know that feeling like a single joy-filled day is a distant dream is all too common. I've been trapped in the relentless cycle of never-ending tasks and obligations, all while trying to make it look flawless and effortless on social media.


Don’t Just Take It From Me – Here’s How REAL People with Real Jobs Have Changed Their Lives with Manifest YOU

"Working with Deepika has helped me realize what could bring me true happiness and reduce the noise around me. She has given me hope and clarity."


"Deepika's unique blend of life experiences and leadership makes the Manifest You course realistic and relatable. I can now stay in a constant state of possibilities."


"With guided journaling, reflection inward, a virtual silent retreat, and meditations, Deepika’s spiritual guidance has transcended my spiritual abilities to manifest and create a life of connection, curiosity, and intentionality. I'm more intentional with my time and thoughts to create a life I truly love."


"Working with Deepika was energizing, inspiring, and empowered me with many soul sparking moments. She has an ease and confidence about her that allows her to provide a balance of tactical tools & spiritually enlightening practices that bring out your best self. I see her as a mentor, partner, cheerleader, and friend"


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Imagine how different your life could look if...

  • Wake up each morning with an abundance of joy and fulfillment.

  •  Live authentically, aligned with your unique purpose.

  • Bid farewell to burnout and overwhelming stress.

  •  Create a life that's both materially rich and profoundly meaningful.

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